Bro. Johnson

Moses J. Johnson Jr. Biography

Moses J. Johnson Jr. was born in Dothan, Alabama, on August 11, 1943 to James and Gertrude Johnson.
Bro. Johnson Spent his early childhood working in the cotton and peanut fields in Blakely, Georgia.  Bro. Johnson learned at an early age what hard work was all about.   At the age of eight, he went to live with his aunts in Newark, NJ where he attended grammar school.  In 1950 he moved with his parents back to Blakely, GA, where he attended Washington High School.  During that time his grandmother, Mandy Davis became a big part of his life. He attended church with her regularly and became a Christian at the age of seventeen.   He was desperately searching for a religion that was real and bible based.  There was a gospel meeting being held at the Church Street Church of Christ, with Ulysses Shields as speaker.   Bro.  Johnson said that this was the first time he had heard the word of God spoken so plainly, bible based and real. This was what he had been searching for.  That was in 1951 and subsequently his brother Jacob obeyed the gospel as well.
Bro. Moses Johnson’s most influential preacher was Bro. Harris. He encouraged him to start preparing lessons to bring before the congregation on the Sunday’s that he wasn’t there. From that humble beginning he began speaking at youth programs.   At the age of 17 he went to Nashville, TN to attend the Nashville Christian institute. Bro. Johnson relocated to New Jersey in 1955 where he and several other brothers began to remodel the church in Morristown. He was then asked to be the Assistant Minister of the congregation.  It was there where he was introduced to  and began dating his wife Carrie Jones Johnson.

On April 28, 1956 he married her and they have been married for 55 years. Out of this union they have been blessed with 4 children. Karen, Moses “Kevin”, Kenneth and Keith. Each of his children are faithful members of the Church of Christ.  In the late 1960’s he served as the minister of the Newark Church of Christ.  In 1970 he moved to Huntington, NY where he later accepted the position of Associate Minister, he served as the minister of the Far Rockaway Church of Christ in the late 1970’s.  In 1992, he accepted the position of the fulltime minister at the Huntington Church of Christ.  Bro. Moses has taught the new convert’s class, the adult class, has worked with the community, visits the sick and shut in, counsels young couples, and much more.   His services have been used all over the united states, he has taught in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.
Bro. Moses has faced many challenges during his time as a minister, but through it all, he is blessed to have a friend in Jesus.   He is thankful that he was chosen to be his humble servant.   He decided that he was going to retire in 2004, but after 5 years of rest he came out of retirement and continues to serve the community as a leader, minister, and mentor to those in need.